Christy Tomlinson

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Christy is a self-taught, mixed-media artist who isn't afraid to get her hands messy and let her heart be open. Over the past couple of years she has taught all over the world, including the United States, Europe, South Africa, Brazil, Australia, and more. She teaches online full-time and currently is teaching over 15 online workshops—mixed media, sewing, jewelry, and watercolor.

Besides teaching online and in person, Christy and her husband have an online mixed media store, Scarlet Lime, where they sell all sorts of fun mixed media and unique products to create with, and a monthly mixed media kit club. Christy and her husband have six amazing kids: five boys and one girl ranging in age from 18 –9. Christy feels BEYOND blessed to be able to stay home with her husband each day and work, and raise their kids in a small town with good family values and a strong faith in Jesus Christ. Christy says, “I live a blessed life and am so grateful for this life God has given me!”




"We are not on earth to see how important we can become, but to see how much difference we can make." 


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Who are you?

Artist, Wife, Mother, Sister, Daughter, Friend, Daughter of God, Dreamer.

What do you believe with all of your heart?

That there is an artist in everyone and that we all have talents we can share.

When did you know that this was your path?

I finally realized this when I launched my first She Art class in 2010.

Where is your favorite place on earth?


Why do you love your life?

Because I have been truly blessed. I am able to work with my husband every day, stay at home with my six kids, and do something I love that inspires and helps others. I am also blessed because I get to meet wonderful people all the time that influence my life in many different ways.

How do you do everything you do?

I just do it. Even with everything else going on…running online classes, the blog, our online store, traveling and teaching, hosting week long retreats in our home, raising 6 kids, keeping my relationship alive with my hubby of 20 years, being an active member of the LDS church, and having fibromyalgia which puts me in pain every single day. I just do it. Why not? If it makes me happy, what have I got to lose?