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Capture Life

Capture Life: How to create magical photos of everyday moments

Taught by Rebecca Cooper

12-week guided workshop • Starts October 2, 2014

Every photo tells a story, no matter how technically perfect it is. Now in this 12-week workshop with celebrated photographer and scrapbooker Rebecca Cooper, you can learn to do both—tell better stories with the pictures you take of your everyday life and improve your technical photography skills.

You'll finally be able to capture moments as beautifully as you see them, and maybe even infuse them with a little bit of magic.

In October, you'll learn to Capture the Everyday. In November, you'll learn to Capture Beauty. In December, you'll learn to Capture the Holidays.

Rebecca will share the specific tools, tricks, and ideas she uses to create the lovely, fresh, nostalgic look she's known for. She'll walk you through her process start to finish—from creative beginning to post-processing end. Here's your chance to use her workflow as a foundation for developing a process that works for you.

Registration closes on 10/9/2014 10:00:00 PM

  • Live teacher interaction
  • Online classroom
  • Videos
  • PDF handouts
  • Downloads
  • Live chats
  • Message board
  • Student gallery

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About Rebecca

Rebecca Cooper is a 32-year-old wife and mother of four. As a professional photographer, she's captured thousands of beautiful portraits, but she finds the most joy and fulfillment in snapping everyday photos of her own family and documenting her ordinary life. She believes that pausing to take these shots increases her appreciation for the details of her life, making them seem almost magical. Rebecca is also a three-time eBook author, the author of the print book Real.Simple.Scrapbooking. and a popular blogger..

Capture Life includes:

  • 12 colorful inspirational handouts with photography lessons and challenges—each handout will include bonus material for beginner/intermediate/advanced photographers
  • Weekly video tutorials
  • 3 bonus projects (one each month) to inspire you to create something tangible with your photos
  • Bonus digital downloads, including templates, a monthly photo-a-day checklist, and journaling and title cards perfect for Project Life albums
  • A free copy of Rebecca's eBook Real.Life.Photography (a $12.99 value)
  • A free download of Simple Fixes Actions for Photoshop and Photoshop Elements (a $12.99 value)
  • Supply List for three bonus projects
  • Welcome notes from Rebecca in the classroom
  • Reminder emails when the classroom is open and then updated with new materials
  • Private posting gallery to share your work and view the work of your classmates (Rebecca will comment on as many images as she can!)
  • Message board to interact with Rebecca and your fellow classmates (Rebecca will answer all your questions Monday through Friday on the Ask Rebecca board)
  • 3 live chats with Rebecca
  • Email access to Rebecca
  • Live teacher interaction
  • Online classroom
  • Videos
  • PDF handouts
  • Downloads
  • Live chats
  • Message board
  • Student gallery

Week 1 Telling Stories through Everyday Photography
Week 2 Shooting Photos Outdoors
Week 3 Phone Photography
Week 4 Getting in the Shot
Week 5 Capture Color
Week 6 Photographing the Seasons
Week 7 Tips for Family Photos
Week 8 Create Your Own Holiday Card
Week 9 Digital Workflow
Week 10 Indoor Lighting Challenges
Week 11 Meaningful Holiday Photos/Magic of the Season
Week 12 Capturing Connections

A Guided Workshop is an online, interactive eCourse that is taught in real time by one or more expert instructors. Guided Workshops have a specific start and end date, with a limited registration period.

Content is delivered via a combination of video tutorials, written lessons, project examples, downloadable handouts, printables, digital downloads, and more. You are invited to log into the private online classroom as often as you wish during the live class.

Please note: This workshop will be transferring to our new site, so you can continue to access the content online even after the transition. We will send you a unique code for this class once the new platform is live. You will then enter this code into the new site and PRESTO, your class content will be archived there. You are also welcome to download and keep anything you wish. 

During class, you'll enjoy direct access to the instructor both via email and via the classroom message board, as well as a real sense of community and camaraderie with hundreds or thousands of fellow eLearners.

There are opportunities to connect with fellow students via the classroom message board, the private gallery, and scheduled chats (depending on the class).

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