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The Good Life

The Good Life:

Taught by Amy Tan

Do you find yourself daydreaming about creating amazing projects, but feel like you never have the time? If so, join Amy Tan in The Good Life where she'll share tons of creative tips and tricks for infusing creativity into the everyday. Whether you're looking to make projects for publication or profit, or just for the sake of creating, this self-paced class will help you find the time for what you love. Creating projects from thread, paper and found objects is a passion that we all likely share, and Amy has turned several hobbies into flourishing businesses.

A NOTE FROM AMY: I started out interning at a modeling agency at the age of 20 and then was offered a job as a fashion stylist. I then went from working with elite models to hand-crocheting arm warmers and being featured in numerous publications, to having my own line of hand embroidered t-shirts that sold at Bloomingdales - all within a span of 5 years. Most recently, I've collaborated with American Crafts to design the Amy Tangerine line of scrapbooking products. I believe in making things and making things happen. Creating a life full of moments and meanderings, adventures and antics, friends and freedom, are high on my list of priorities. If you love being inspired and creating, living a life that is everything you've dreamed of, then this class might be for you. I will even share some funny stories and lots of behind the scenes details that I've only told really close friends.

After taking this class, you'll have a new perspective on how scrapbooking and making things can really be worked into your busy, hectic life. It will become more of a freeing hobby than one where you never feel caught up.

Are you taking a trip where you know you'll have a little free time to get creative? 
Amy will show you how to collect souvenirs and scrapbook along the way.

Are you stuck in a rut because you just feel overwhelmed with the amount of product out there?
Amy will show you how she manages to create projects in a small space, with a plethora of product options.

This class will focus on some of the components that make up the good life. You'll create and be inspired by fashion, home/office, travel and crafts. You'll also learn plenty of techniques that you can use on your various projects, which aren't limited to just fabric and paper. In this class, you will spend a little time learning, absorbing, feeling inspired and then be able to spend more time actually experiencing and doing. Isn't that what life's all about anyway? 

The Good Life Projects Include:

  • Craft: Step-by-step instructions to create a layout.
  • Travel: Instructions for creating a scrapbooking on the go kit.
  • Travel: Instructions for creating an on-the-go mini book.
  • Home Office: Instructions for creating a layout including stitching on paper.
  • Fashion: Instructions for creating a reverse applique' design on a t-shirt.
  • Amy also shares a lot of inspirational stories, tips and techniques in this wonderful class!
Listen to Amy's introduction of The Good Life:    


This class includes a photo and video tutorial for creating Amy's Reverse Applique Tees (a $65 value!). 

Plus you will receive several other step-by-step project instructions for paper, home & travel. It will be the closest thing to being in a room with Amy as she teaches her techniques that can be used for lots of projects. All for just $25! After taking this class, you'll have a new perspective on how scrapbooking and making things can really be worked into your busy, hectic life. It will become more of a freeing hobby than one where you never feel caught up.

Learn More

  • Welcome note from Amy in the classroom
  • Supply list with live links to product resources
  • Voice messages available as streaming audio, downloadable MP3 files and transcripts
  • Colorful instructional handouts with step-by-step instructions for each lesson/project
  • Downloadable PDF templates and worksheets
  • Private posting gallery to share your work and view the work of your classmates

To prepare for Amy Tan’s class, please gather the following:
• a basic tool kit
• needle
• craft threads
note: I recommend Aunt Lydia’s crochet thread, but embroidery floss works as well
• fabric scissors
• paper scissors
• pieces of fabric
• a favorite t-shirt
• craft knife and healing mat
• cardstock in a variety of colors
• favorite patterned papers
• favorite embellishments
• sewing machine (optional)
• paper piercer
• mouse pad or mat
• watercolor paints
• paintbrush
• plastic cup
• plastic straw (yes, like the kind you use for drinking)
• favorite pens
• Amy Tangerine mini album (optional)

If you’re already pretty crafty, I bet you’ll have most of the supplies laying around. If you don’t have fabric to use, but have an article of clothing that no longer fits, you can always cut that garment up. Re-purposing and using scraps is totally encouraged and welcome!


A "How-To Project" is a step-by-step eCourse that you can complete at your own pace. Comprised of video or audio files, PDF downloads, supply lists, and more, these eCourses take the guesswork out of planning and completing a creative project. This classroom will be available for access and download in your account until January 31, 2015.

Just follow the instructor's lead, add your own creativity and perspective, and then upload your finished project to the private gallery included in the online classroom.

How-To Projects do not include a message board to chat with fellow students or live interaction from the instructor. But you can always interact with us by emailing Enjoy!


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