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Happy-Go-Lucky Stitchalong

Happy-Go-Lucky Stitchalong: Find your Bliss, Stitch by Stitch, in a Grid-Style Embroidered Sampler

Taught by Amy Powers

4-week guided workshop • Starts September 3, 2014

What makes you smile?

Bring 25 doses of pure happiness along with you, wherever you'll be this August: Relaxing by a pool. Sitting in the bleachers. Daydreaming under a tree. Riding along on a road trip.

In Happy-Go-Lucky Stitchalong, you'll embroider a personalized "happy sampler" featuring all your favorite things, with Amy Powers as your coach and your muse. Beginners welcome!

Amy wholeheartedly believes that embroidery doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful. In fact, she'll inspire you to embrace the clumsy, chunky, and messy parts of creativity (and life in general) as you stitch a delightful reminder of everything that brings you joy.

In this 2-week guided workshop, you will:

  • Identify your 25 happy things and decide how to represent each one in embroidery
  • Watch Amy create each square in her sampler in a series of 26 happy videos that are filled with tips, tricks, and inspiring ideas—about 3 minutes each
  • Find your bliss, stitch by stitch, in your own grid-style embroidered sampler

Registration closes on 8/27/2014 10:00:00 PM

  • Instant access
  • Private online classroom
  • Video
  • PDF handouts
  • Downloads
  • Student gallery

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About Amy

Amy Powers, of the blog inspire co. and creator of the online magazine Inspired Ideas, has developed a fun, whimsical and charming style of embroidery. As you stitch along with Amy, you'll learn all about how she finds joy in small things and claims the happiness of her life—and be inspired to do the same.

Happy-Go-Lucky Stitchalong includes:

Pre-class orientation

  • Access to a pre-classroom immediately upon registration
  • Welcome video from Amy
  • Supply list with live links to product resources
  • Supply video to help you choose the perfect supplies for your project
  • A video and colorful handout that will help you create your own Happy List

Two-Week Workshop with Amy Powers

  • 25 tutorial videos (four distributed daily) showing you how Amy created each square in her sampler
  • Colorful instructional handout with step-by-step instructions and photos for each embroidered square
  • Two additional instructional videos that cover making small repairs and stitching your grid
  • Two live video chats with Amy to answer questions and discuss the project
  • All-new private posting gallery to share your work and view the work of your classmates
  • All-new message board to share your thoughts with your classmates and ask Amy questions
  • All-new bonus week where Amy will remain active in the gallery and on the message board so you can get help finishing your project
  • Email access to Amy Powers

A Guided Workshop is an online, interactive eCourse that is taught in real time by one or more expert instructors. Guided Workshops have a specific start and end date, with a limited registration period.

Content is delivered via a combination of video tutorials, written lessons, project examples, downloadable handouts, printables, digital downloads, and more. You are invited to log into the private online classroom as often as you wish during the live class. This classroom will be available for access and download in your account until January 31, 2015.

During class, you'll enjoy direct access to the instructor both via email and via the classroom message board, as well as a real sense of community and camaraderie with hundreds or thousands of fellow eLearners.

There are opportunities to connect with fellow students via the classroom message board, the private gallery, and scheduled chats (depending on the class). 

Questions? Requests? Email

  • Instant access
  • Private online classroom
  • Video
  • PDF handouts
  • Downloads
  • Student gallery

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