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Sketch Solutions

Sketch Solutions:

Taught by Donna Jannuzzi

Unlocking the power of sketches for better, faster scrapbook pages

A sketch provides a solid foundation for a scrapbook page layout, so you can create a well-balanced design in less time—every time. With that piece of the puzzle covered, you can let your creativity soar in the areas of color, photo selection, product combinations, techniques, and journaling.

And there's no one better at sketches than Donna Jannuzzi! An engineer turned scrapbooker and stay-at-home mom, Donna has explored the potential of sketches from every possible angle. In this 4-week workshop, she'll share her favorite sketches from her popular eBook and the most versatile designs from her prized sketch notebook—and she'll teach you her secrets for making the most of every one.

For 28 days starting in May, you'll get a new sketch every other day, accompanied by two layouts and a useful lesson in creative adaptation. With this foundation, you'll learn why and how to harness the power of sketches to truly simplify your scrapbooking process. This interactive online workshop includes 14 main sketches, 14 bonus sketches, and a free copy of Donna's Stretch Your Sketches eBook (with 30 additional sketches inside). A total of 58 sketches to inspire your scrapbooking!


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Sketch Solutions includes:

  • A free copy of Stretch Your Sketches by Donna Jannuzzi, available as an immediate download inside the classroom
  • $3 off Stretch Your Sketches 2 with a coupon code you'll find in the classroom
  • 14 main sketches (one shared every other day), accompanied by two layout examples with useful lessons in creative adaptation
  • 28 gorgeous layout examples based on the sketches from Donna and her contributors: Elizabeth Dillow, Aly Dosdall, Susan Weinroth, and Laura Kurz
  • 14 exclusive bonus sketches
  • All 28 sketches available as layered Photoshop Elements templates for digital scrapbookers
  • Videos from Donna sharing her sketch process—everything from drawing sketches to putting layouts together, with inspiring examples
  • Private classroom blog where Donna will share additional layout examples and design tips for each main sketch
  • Supply list with live links to product resources
  • Welcome note from Donna in the classroom
  • Reminder emails when the classroom is open and then updated with new materials
  • Private posting gallery to share your work and view the work of your classmates
  • Message board to share your thoughts with your classmates
  • Three live chats with Donna
  • Email access to Donna
  • Pre-class assignment, available to you immediately upon registration for class


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