Juli was born and raised in Kansas and still lives in the Kansas City area with four pretty cool dudes: her firefighter husband and three sons. She absolutely loves being a boy mama! Juli started documenting with Project Life in 2011 and has never looked back. She feels Project Life is the perfect marriage for her love of taking photos, telling stories, and simplicity. Juli is a member of Becky Higgins 2014 Creative Team.

A note from Juli: I believe in living an authentic life of gratitude and in recognizing what a blessing this life is that we’ve been given while we live it. In doing so, it helps me to live an intentional life and documenting with Project Life only magnifies that. I’m so excited to be here at BPC to help share that with others.




“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.”


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Who are you?

I’m a simple Midwest wife and mama who loves Jesus and my family with my whole heart. Despite the fact that I might be a hot mess more often than not, I know that I’m a work in progress and try to allow myself some grace.

What do you believe with all of your heart?

That everyone has a story that is as equally important and valid as the next person’s.

When did you get your start?

I think that my story is currently being written actually. I had the privilege of being one of the members of Becky Higgin’s 2014 Creative Team, which was such an honor, then to top it off I get to be here at BPC helping to teach a class. I’m beyond thrilled! My story technically started when I was a little girl though. I always loved to draw and create which led to taking all the art and photography classes in junior high and high school, and then I ended up going to art school to get my BFA. I had the opportunity to do some internships with Hallmark Cards and Walt Disney Consumer Products as well. However, I quickly started a family and my focus turned to documenting and telling/preserving stories.

Where is your favorite place on earth?

My home, or anyplace where my family is all together. Then of course, the lake comes in at a close second...which is actually where my family gathers a lot so that’s a win-win I’d say!

Why do you love your life?

I am so blessed! I have an amazing husband and children, extended family and friends. We are all healthy, I have a roof over my head, I get to stay home with my boys, be creative, have dance parties and be silly, the list could go on and on! Perspective is everything.

How do you do everything you do?

I don’t! I have so many unfinished projects and ideas it’s ridiculous! However, I am a huge list maker and I braindump a lot in my notebooks so I have that to thank for what I do get accomplished.