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Lightroom Basics

Lightroom Basics: Taking Your Photos from Drab to Fab!

Taught by Wendy Tienken

Do you love taking pictures? Maybe you're just starting out on your photographic journey and are frustrated with the appearance of your photos: they just don't have the pop that you see in others' photos, or they are a little dark and flat. Or maybe you've been taking photos for a while and you're looking for a quick and easy way to edit them. Enter Lightroom! Most images can benefit from some form of editing. Sometimes a few minor changes are all that's needed to bring out the natural beauty that already exists in your shots.

As a professional photographer and longtime photography enthusiast, Wendy Tienken has long been using Lightroom to quickly and easily enhance her images, whether they are family portraits or images of her daily life. Wendy is a Getty Images Contributor and has contributed guest posts on Shutter Sisters.

This class will show you how making a few MINOR adjustments to your photos in Lightroom will make a MAJOR difference in their appearance. Follow along as Wendy takes you step-by-step through editing photos with common challenges. Download the exercise files and you can practice your new skills on the same photos used by your instructor. You will then be ready to take your own photos from drab to FAB!

In this class, you'll learn how to achieve the following in Lightroom:

  • Set up a catalog
  • Import photos
  • Use the Library module
  • Read a histogram
  • Achieve correct white balance
  • Crop a photo
  • Fix photos with exposure problems
  • Add a vignette to a photo

Want to know more? Listen to Wendy's audio here:  

  • Instant access
  • Private online classroom
  • Video tutorials
  • PDF handout
  • Downloadable source files
  • Student gallery

Learn More

Lightroom Basics includes:

  • Welcome note from Wendy in the classroom
  • Supply list with live links to product resources 
  • Colorful instructional handout
  • Four video tutorials with step-by-step instructions for each lesson
  • Downloadable source files so you can follow along with the video tutorials
  • Private posting gallery to share your work and view the work of your classmates
  • Email access to Wendy

To prepare for Wendy’s class, please gather the following:

• a computer with a high-speed internet connection (this course includes streaming video)
• Lightroom 3

Note: Adobe offers a free 30-day trial that can be downloaded here. If you have a previous version of Lightroom, you should still be able to follow along. However, I recommend upgrading to the latest version, as there are many new features that will give you more creative control over your images. The more creativity, the more fun!

  • Instant access
  • Private online classroom
  • Video tutorials
  • PDF handout
  • Downloadable source files
  • Student gallery

A "Self-Paced Workshop" allows you to create and be inspired on your own timetable. Comprised of video or audio files, PDF downloads, supply lists, and more, these eCourses offer a complete learning experience inside a private online classroom.  This classroom will be available for access and download in your account until January 31, 2015.

Just follow the instructor's lead, add your own creativity and perspective, and then upload your work to the private classroom gallery.

Self-Paced Workshops do not include a message board to chat with fellow students or live interaction from the instructor. But you can always interact with us by emailing Enjoy!


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