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Pet Photography

Pet Photography:

Taught by Jolanda Boekhout

Have you ever tried to catch your pet in a photo but didn’t get the result you were looking for? You finally manage to get your sweet puppy to sit still in front of you but before you can snap a picture his attraction is elsewhere and so is he! Working with animals asks a lot of us. You need respect and patience in animal photography…not to mention endurance and perseverance. When you add all of these ingredients up, imagine the beauty you can create as a remembrance of your furry friend.

After having worked in a profession that did not suit her, Jolanda Boekhout started researching her passion and began following several photography classes. During the process she gave up her job and, because animals have been her love and passion since she was a little girl, she started working as a volunteer at an animal shelter. That’s where Jolanda discovered that her love for animals and her connection with them gave her something special, the ability to get really close with a camera. Five years ago Jolanda found her passion as an animal photographer.

“My aim is to tell the story of the animals I photograph by creating images that make sure that their presence on earth will be remembered, hoping my photos will be the paw print that animals leave behind.”
– Jolanda Boekhout

It is important to capture the moments of joy, the silly habits, the soul of your pet and the love that is shared between you and your pet. With the ability to capture these moments you will be able to look back with love to the time you spent with your pet, either in class or in real-life. Does this sound inviting to you? Sign up and learn to look at your pet through a new lens.

Want to know more? Listen to Jolanda's audio here:    

Learn More

  • Supply list
  • Welcome note from Jolanda in the classroom
  • Voice message available as streaming audio, downloadable MP3 file and transcript
  • Colorful instructional handout with information on capturing your pet's emotions, character, uniqueness and attraction.
  • Technical bonus handout with tips on ISP, aperture, shutter speed and composition.
  • Class Creed
  • Private posting gallery to share your work and view the work of your classmates

To prepare for Jolanda’s class, please gather the following:

  • digital SLR camera.*
  • external flash (optional).
  • props (optional).
    • pieces of cloth or paper for backdrop (black / white)
    • pieces of foam board
  • stuff to attract and hold your pet’s attention, for example:
    • feathers
    • squeaking rubber duckie
    • treats

* A DSLR is suggested for this class because to really capture a pet’s movement, you need a fast shutter speed. Most point and shoot cameras are semi-automatic and have something called ‘shutter lag’. This means that there is a delay between the moment of triggering the shutter and when the photo is actually recorded (when the button is pressed and when the photo is taken). Keep in mind that it isn’t impossible to achieve good results with a point and shoot camera, but it will take more effort.


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Just follow the instructor's lead, add your own creativity and perspective, and then upload your finished project to the private gallery included in the online classroom.

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