Susan Weckesser

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Susan is the founder and owner of Susan K. Weckesser Inc., previously named Susiebee Studios Inc. She has been teaching, selling crafts, and painting for 28 years. She has designed paper lines, stamps sets, and stencils. Susan is also a freelance writer/designer, editor,  photographer, and poet. Her work has been published in Creating Keepsakes, Canadian Scrapbooker,  Scrapbook News & Review, Today's Parent, Card-making & Scrapbooking, Scrapbook Magazine UK,  and Canadian Living.

Susan went to the University of Alberta where she took the Bachelor of Arts program. She has been married for 24 years and has four wonderful children, two feline friends, and four gerbils. Susan lives in Alberta, Canada and has even been known to sky dive just to say she did it!

"I love to live life to the fullest and create my dreams each and every day." 




“The earth laughs in flowers.”


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Who are you?

I am a mother. A wife. A sister. A daughter. A daughter of God. And because we have four kiddos, one who is currently serving a two year mission in Japan, I am also a “doctor, chauffeur, social worker, coach, veterinarian, wedding planner (yes, that is a new one), teacher, schedule planner for university, travel planner”...and the list goes on as most mommas and wives know. I love every minute. However, when I put on my professional hat, I am Susan K. Weckesser, a small business owner, designer, children's book writer, free-lance writer, illustrator, fine art educator, and manufacturer.

What do you believe with all of your heart?

I believe that if we take time each and every day, and just slow down to take in the beauty all around us, that we can feel such happiness and joy. Life is so short. But, by putting a smile on our face and reaching out to others we can make such a difference. That is why I know that ART is so HEALING! Colour on a canvas or in a photograph brightens that soul and unites all of us. I believe that we can brighten someone’s day with a smile or a kind word.

When did you know that this was your path?

In high school I taught at an art store and I loved how people seemed so happy when they were painting or creating something. I knew then that I loved teaching people how they could be happy through crafting or painting.

Where is your favorite place on earth?

The Rocky Mountains. I love to take my art supplies and easel and just sit in a beautiful valley surrounded by nature and create.

Why do you love your life?

I am blessed with a beautiful family and a job that I love getting up each morning to do. Yes, I have aches and pains, and life isn’t always perfect, but I feel so grateful that I am surrounded by nature, people that care, and a creative job where I can paint and put all my feelings down on one big colorful canvas! How cool is that?!

How do you do everything you do?

I listen to my body, eat well, and let myself have down time. I get enough sleep. I have five calendars and yes I really need them. I find that eating the odd fancy cupcake helps. And lots of healthy smoothies! I really like to use quiet time to gather myself and I also like to use family and friend time to laugh and have fun!