Trisha Harrison

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Trisha Harrison is a 35 year old wife and mama of two. Living in Central Canada with her family, they enjoy time at the cabin and life out on the water when it is not frozen with ice and snow ( more than half the year).

Trisha enjoys capturing the everyday life that her and her family live, and every now and then will take photographs for others as a way of offering her creativity. She has been an avid memory keeper after walking into a craft store and finding a Creating Keepsakes magazine...that was it she was hooked and creating memories since. After participating in Ali Edwards' December Daily, she found Project Life in 2010 and had the honor of being on Becky Higgins' Creative Team in 2014.




"The stories we love best, do live in us forever."


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Who are you?

My name is Trisha Harrison. I am a wife and mama of two. We currently are living in Manitoba, Canada.

What do you believe with all of your heart?

You can accomplish anything if you are determined enough.

When did you know that this was your path?

After my first album was made and I was able to look back on the memories I had captured andhad that feeling..."I never want to forget this."

Where is your favorite place on earth?

Near the water, any water, like our cabin at the lake. BUT also my home and in my creative space listening to Songza.

Why do you love your life?

I love my life because of the people who are in it and the ones that might one day be. The people in my life, my family and my friends, are so important to me and for that reason alone I am grateful, I love and in return am loved back that's a total win win.

How do you do everything you do?

Hmm...some days I wonder that too, but mainly multitasking + make lists + ask for help when I need it. My daily motto is "Do your best." But going back to the question above, "what do you believe with all your heart" that answer can be used here too.