Our Philosophy

Everyone is born creative. We believe that making time to connect to and nurture your inherent creativity is essential to your health and happiness.

We're here to help you tell your story and leave your mark in fun and meaningful ways. Scrapbooking is our lifeblood—it gives us our strength and vitality as a company. We recognize that there are as many creative pursuits as there are people. For this reason, we offer top-notch online education in a variety of fields and formats.

When you learn to value your unique perspective, your personal expression becomes art.

This is why we approach everything we teach with a guilt-free attitude that opens you up to inspiration in your everyday life and allows you to focus on what matters most. We view a successful class not by the mastering of a technique or by completion of a project but by the impact of the creative process—we view success as our students experiencing an "aha" moment or making a "big picture" connection that will last a lifetime.

At Big Picture Classes, we do more than offer classes.

We develop teachers. We love working with people that have expertise, passion and a desire to share and interact. You'll find that our instructors excel in exploring the organizational and creative process with you and that they inspire personal awareness and encourage individual adaptations.

As a company, we strive to be generous, responsive and respectful to everyone we work with and serve. Through our Give Back program, we are able to give 100% of the profits from special classes to select charities that positively impact our communities.