5 Ways to Document Now, Make Stuff Later.

by Megan Anderson | 9 years ago

5 Ways to Document Now, Make Stuff Later with guest blogger Megan Anderson

In my upcoming class Catch Up with Project Life with Annette Haring and Trisha Harrison here at Big Picture, we're helping you to make progress in your Project Life albums. In this guided workshop, we're focusing on common Project Lifer problem areas so you can use our solutions to fill in your story gaps! Today we're going to focus what you can start doing NOW so that your "catching up" is detail rich when you are memory keeping later.

5 Ways to Document Now, Make Stuff Later with guest blogger Megan Anderson

When you feel "behind" or get stuck, the guilt can start to roll in. It's easy to feel overwhelmed. Stress over getting "behind" is not only common for Project Lifers, so I want to share how I scrap detail rich stories even when I'm not scrapping the right now. My memory keeping philosophy? Document now, make stuff later.

5 Ways to Document Now, Make Stuff Later with guest blogger Megan Anderson

Here are a few ways you can document right now so you can make stuff later:

  • Use social media. If you use Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, G+, or other social media sites, you're already documenting in the now! Be mindful of what you're recording there so you can go back and use what you've written when you are making stuff later. I pull up my social media for the date range I'm working on while I'm journaling for my Project Life!

  • Keep a journal or a calendar. If you want a more private avenue for recording things as they are happening, jot down notes in a journal or on a calendar! Because you're just using this to jog your memory, don't worry about complete sentences, correct grammar, or paragraphs. If you'd rather journal digitally, you can use apps on a smart phone or use a program like Evernote on your computer. Don't forget to jot down dates to help yourself later!

  • Take "reminder" pictures. Sometimes I take pictures that I don't intend to scrap simply as a reminder to myself. For example, I take pictures of plaques nest to art I've photographed so I can remember the name of the artist and title of the work. I'll take pictures of signs so I can remember locations, or of memorabilia so I'm reminded to include it. Snapping a few extra photos can make your journaling easy later!

  • Write a blog post. Blog posts are a great way to house your photos and words together to tell a story. Bonus: it's easy to search for the story you are looking for! You can even create a private blog if you want to record your photos and words without sharing them.

  • Use messages to others. Text messages, letters, notes, private messages, and e-mail are all amazing ways to capture what's going on in your life right now. Many people have trouble sitting down and writing a paragraph to the void, but find telling a story to a friend easy. Save those communications and alter them to suit your memory keeping down the road!

5 Ways to Document Now, Make Stuff Later with guest blogger Megan Anderson

It doesn't matter when you are making spreads, because those memories are there. To be able to document more in-depth, take photos and jot down a few words now. If the photos and words are ready and waiting for you, it doesn't matter when you put it all together and make it pretty! There are going to be busy periods of your life when there isn't much time for playing with paper (physical or digital). There are going to be times when you have practically a whole day ahead of you that you can use for scrapbooking. Stock up on memories during the busy times and scrap away during your free time!

Join me now in Catch Up with Project Life! Class starts October 30, but we have a full week of extra content in pre-class to help you prepare! I'd love to answer any questions you may have, and you might find your answer ready and waiting for you in this Sneak Peek + FAQ post!


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