Candid Kid Photos

by Elisha Snow | 12 years ago

When it comes to photographing a child of any age, I LOVE lifestyle, candid photos. It’s these kind of photos that will really showcase a child’s personality and let their innocence shine through. A few great places for taking photos of a small child is

  • park
  • zoo
  • farm
  • swimming pool or splash pad
  • train park
  • dance studio
  • sports complex

Talk with parents beforehand about the type of look they’d like and maybe suggest a couple of these types of locations. Many parents haven’t even considered something like that and might be very open to it because it means that their child’s photos will be different, unique and meaningful (especially if you’re photographing a passion of the child’s, such as dance or sports.)

Remember to take the detail shots such as room decorations, toys, beds and clothes. Get a good zoom lens and stay back a ways so that the child can feel free to be themselves and play without them having a camera right in their face the whole time.



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