Chalkboard Style Journaling

by Wilna Furstenberg | 9 years ago

Journaling is an important part of my scrapbooking process. I love to write on my pages. I love it both for the text and texture it brings to my layouts.

I discovered black chalkboard paint a white ago and I started to use it on my layouts with great success. Not only does is not buckle the paper as much, but the feel of it is smooth and lovely. When you write with a white pen on it, it is simply awesome.

The pen I love best is a white Gelly Roller and after trying many white pens this one is my favorite. I love it because it simply works. I don’t have to go through a whole process to make the ink flow! It writes smoothly and evenly.

I think doing journaling in the negative (white on black) is also very striking and can have a different impact than black on white. I love the school feel of it and to me personally it has more meaning because I have a blackboard in my kitchen where I write notes (and chores) for my girls. 

See the process behind these layouts on my YouTube channel, or watch them below.


Take some paint and some pictures, apply an artistic technique or two, and then sprinkle in a few design principles like balance and repetition—and what do you get? Beautiful, unique, scrapbook layouts you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

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