Creative Ways to Tell Your Story Through Phone Photography

by Elizabeth Dillow | 9 years ago

Chances are you have your phone with you most of the time—which means you also have a camera with you most of the time, too. Believe it or not, life doesn’t stop unfolding in interesting ways when you leave your DSLR or point-and-shoot camera at home. Good stories happen whether you have your camera along for the ride or not. With your phone camera at your side, however, you’re never limited in what stories you photograph!

+ Weigh your gadget options: there are a number of products on the market that can extend your phone camera’s range in unique ways. Whether you buy a waterproof protective case from Lifeproof, a tiny little keychain tripod that can assist in stabilizing your phone on the fly, or a detachable clip lens that can provide macro, fisheye, or wide angle capability, it’s worth it to take a look at what accessories are available. Our best recommendation: always visit the Photojojo store online for the latest unique items that can extend the range of your phone—thereby extending the range of your storytelling, too.

Creative Ways to Tell Your Story Through Phone Photography

photo by Elizabeth Dillow

+ When you pick up your phone to snap a quick shot, pause for a minute and ask yourself it there is another way to take a photo of your subject that feels fresh and creative. For example: in addition to taking a photo of your loved ones smiling in front of a tourist destination, let them turn around and soak in their surroundings—and take a picture of that. Hold up your ice cream cone in front of the shop where you bought it! Turn your phone upside down and set it on the ground to take the photo—you’ll create an interesting perspective with a great depth of field to boot. The best stories might be unfolding all around you… just not at eye level.

Creative Ways to Tell Your Story Through Phone Photography

photo by Katrina Kennedy

+ Fight feelings of embarrassment by knowing you’ll tell the story more effectively if you do something that might feel foolish. Sometimes you have to pull over the car and get out to take a picture (possibly with people nearby staring at you). Sometimes you have to stand in the middle of the street. Sometimes you have to ask a stranger permission to take a photo instead of chickening out and skipping it. Sometimes you have to ignore the strange looks as you twist yourself into the perfect position to get the perfect shot. If you do these things, you are guaranteed to capture more interesting stories with your phone camera!

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