Inspired by Fashion

by Amy Tangerine | 9 years ago

Fashion, much like paper crafting is one of the many ways I love to express my personal style on a regular basis. Before I jumped into the scrapbook industry, I had a full-fledged career designing hand-embroidered T-shirts for boutiques across the country. I learned so much during my time in the fashion world, but the biggest takeaway I still reference is that inspiration is everywhere! It doesn’t matter if I’m designing a new line of tees or brainstorming ideas for my next scrapbook line, my senses are always attuned to the inspiration around me.

I was inspired by the silk screen look of fabrics. By creating my own stamped background, I tried to emulate the neutrals with pops of color. The tags are representative of the hang tags found on many clothes. And naturally I had to add a hand-stitched title to it using a simple backstitch. 

Just like fashion, there are no rules to scrapbooking! Sure, there are design principles and ever-changing trends, but the scrapbook police are not about to hunt you down. The next time you feel you are in a rut or at a loss for inspiration, think back on all the times that this hobby made you feel alive and electric. Try to channel those memories and have fun with the process! Fashion is one of the many avenues of life for you to express your style and expand your creative horizons.

Join Kelly and I during our upcoming Inspiration LIVE event for more scrapbooking inspiration and ideas.



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