Journaling Starts

by Angie Lucas | 10 years ago

If you have your photos all picked out, and you’re not sure what approach to take with your journaling, ask yourself these three questions to get you in the mood to write:

1. Imagine that you’re sitting with someone, flipping through your scrapbook, and you come to this page or this set of photos. What would you tell that person about the page? Say it out loud if you have to, and then write down what you said.

2. Ask yourself what your purpose was for combining these photos together on this particular page. Was it to illustrate growth and change over time? Was it to capture the fun of an event? Was it to document a relationship? Start by stating your purpose as simply and directly as possible, and then take it from there.

3. Imagine yourself as a stranger, an observer looking at these pictures. What would you want to know about the place, the people, the situation? What would be likely to spark your curiosity? Follow that lead and see where it takes you.


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