Make a Mini Goal Toward Better Health!

by bpc | 9 years ago

A motivational message directly from Cathy Zielske's upcoming workshop, Move More, Eat Well Jumpstart.

Chances are you’ve got some pretty big goals for getting into shape and staying there. Now I love a good Before and After photo as much as anyone else—you know the ones that show how someone lost practically an entire person. Those photos can really spark your desire for change. But I also know that creating a series of smaller goals can help you achieve a level of sustainability over time in a much more gentle and do-able way.

Some of us are all or nothing types. I have historically fallen into this group. You know the drill: I’ll go from a Size 16 to a size 8 and nothing is going to stand in my way!

The problem with huge goals is they can lead to huge disappointments which in turn lead to a motivation shut down. We want to foster motivation right now. We want mini success at every turn which is why I am encouraging you to sit down and write out some short term, mini goals. Forget about the pounds you’d love to shed. What about drinking one extra glass of water a day? Or even just ONE glass a day? What about taking a few seconds before you get out of bed in the morning to state a few positive intentions for your day? What about setting a goal to visit your local gym to simply find out about joining?

In the effort to jumpstart this Move More, Eat Well thing, we need to keep tossing a little fuel onto the fire and nothing keeps us going better than checking a few things off the list. Use your MINI GOALS card to list some smaller scale, achievable goals today.

Click here to download the PDF of this message, which is from Day 12 from the Move More, Eat Well Jumpstart classroom. 

Click here to download the layered PSD file of the "Mini Goals" card.


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