Make a Page and a Half with Stacy

by bpc | 9 years ago

Today's "Super Simple Scrapbooking Challenge" is courtesy of Stacy Julian's upcoming workshop, aptly titled Super Simple Scrapbooking Challenges.

Your challenge is: Make a page and a half using a grid!

What you'll need: 2 sheets of 2-sided pattern paper + 2 styles letter stickers + 2 3x4 pocket insert cards + small coordinating embellishments​


  1. Adhere small photos grid-style to one sheet of pattern paper (B side)
  2. Cut other sheet of pattern paper in half, adhere pieces back to back to create a 6x12 insert
  3. Mount 4x6 photo on cardstock and trim to create a matted look
  4. Adhere matted photo, as a pocket to front side of 6x12 just above center
  5. Create title along bottom edge of 4x6 photo, with (optional) additional words along side of photo grid
  6. Journal on 3x4 pocket insert cards and slip into 4x6 photo pocket
  7. Add longer story or additional photos to back side of 6x12 insert
  8. Use small embellishments to accent title photo and left-hand side of photo grid 

Keep it simple sister: When in doubt, go with a grid! Print or crop photos the same size and get them down without worrying about arranging them with other elements. Then, add a half-page for a focal point photo and a title. Use the backside of this half page for additional story and photos. This is a fantastic formula for lots of event photos and little time (to scrap!)

Tips & Tricks

  1. Turn photos into pockets and tuck journaling inside.
  2. Start your title on top of your photo.
  3. Consider how your page and a half will look inside your album. Add embellishments so that your page looks good open or shut!

Wasn't that fun?

Join Stacy and Darci in Super Simple Scrapbook Challenges for 18 fun page prompts just like these starting November 6. Leave a comment sharing your speediest scrapbooking tip for a chance to win a seat in this class! Winner will be announced Monday, October 20. 

And the winner is...

Commenter #10, Ginny Hunsberger. Congrats! Ginny, email us at admin@bigpictureclasses.com, and we'll respond with your coupon code to take Super Simple Scrapbooking Challenges for free!


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