Peek Inside the Artists' Studios!

by Angie Lucas | 9 years ago

Don't you love seeing sneak peeks of art projects before they're finished? It kind of feels like walking through a newly framed house, seeing a celebrity without makeup on, watching What Not to Wear, looking at a baby and imagining what she'll look like when she grows up. You just see so much raw possibility. There's a fun final reveal awaiting you sometime soon, but for the moment, you can imagine all sorts of outcomes.

We thought we'd give you that opportunity with five fun sneak peeks from our Mixed Media Studio workshop, which features 9 step-by-step projects from 9 artsy all stars.

1. What will become of Christy Tomlinson's beautiful angel? Can you imagine what she'll look like when she's complete?


2. What will Donna Downey do with this unstretched canvas? Absolutely anything is possible.

3. Susan Weckesser's cat is curious about the resist technique that's taking shape on this flower canvas. Are you?

​4. Wondering what adventures French artist Celine Navarro will scrapbook from her U.S. Road Trip?

​5. What else is in store for this lovely layered project from Carolyn Peeler, besides the vintage wallpaper scraps? (Hint: stamps, distress ink, watercolor, and more)

And the most important question of all...

What will YOU create?

Mixed Media Studio starts October 23. You'll make a new project every week with these five artists, plus four more. Learn more >>

Because you read all the way to the end of this blog post, you can save $5 now with code REVEAL​ (offer expires October 20).

Giveaway winners are Faith Tan and Sigrun Sigurdardottir


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