Photography Tip: Get in the Glow

by Rebecca Cooper | 10 years ago

Halloween tip from Rebecca Cooper‚Äč

Halloween can be a 'tricky' time of year for taking photos. Try this photography tip from Rebecca Cooper, author of Don't Say Cheese: Capture real smiles with 247 tips for photographing kids.

For the best spooky jack-o-lantern glow, it’s best to:

  • Turn out the lights and turn off your flash.
  • Use your camera's self timer or a remote and set your camera on a stable surface or a tripod to avoid blur.
  • Photograph your pumpkin on a glossy surface for added spookiness.
  • Opt for an artificial light source inside the pumpkin (battery-operated candles or flashlight) for more even lighting.
  • Use more than one “light source” (e.g., multiple glowing pumpkins).
  • Tell your kids to look at the jack-o-lanterns and play "freeze.” There can be no blinking, no itching noses, no giggling. Kids love the challenge, and you’ll love the resulting photos!

Happy Halloween from us to you!



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