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Quizapalooza: Q&A Your Way to Fast, Fabulous Journaling

Taught by Angie Lucas

5-week guided workshop • Starts September 18, 2014

There's no question about it: your story matters.

And there's no easier, faster, or more satisfying way to tell your story than through quizzes and questions!

Introducing Quizapalooza, a 5-week interactive workshop that makes it simple to share meaningful stories in your scrapbooks, journals, and Project Life albums—or even via your blog or social media channels.

Your instructor, Angie Lucas, has carefully curated more than 160 questions to help you capture fascinating tidbits about all areas of your life, including:

Who: The People You Love
What: Objects, Ideas & Experiences
When: Past, Present & Future
Where: Places that Matter
Why: â€‹Reasons & Explorations

Who is ready to uncover memories you haven't thought about in years? What important stories will you tell that would otherwise never see the light of day? When will you take the time to capture these important details of your life? Why not now?

You'll love the weekly videos, the 20 quiz-based layout examples from Angie and her contributors, and all the fill-in-the-blanks quizzes and question cards—each available in 3 printable sizes and PNG files, too.

Write on!

Registration closes on 9/24/2014 10:00:00 PM

  • Online classroom
  • 6 printable quizzes
  • 160 questions
  • Weekly videos
  • Message board
  • Gallery

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About Angie

A lifelong word nerd and avid reader, Angie Lucas has been writing and editing professionally for 15 years, everything from commercial radio scripts and website copy to craft books and scrapbooking magazines. She is the Editorial Director of Big Picture Classes, founder of Ella Publishing Co., former managing editor of Simple Scrapbooks magazine (R.I.P.), and a scrapbooker since 1996. Her favorite scent is grapefruit.

Read her full profile.

  • Online classroom
  • 6 printable quizzes
  • 160 questions
  • Weekly videos
  • Message board
  • Gallery

Quizapalooza includes:

  • 17 printable quizzes featuring 170 thought-provoking questions, each available in three sizes (PDF + PNG)
  • 6 fill-in-the-blanks question cards, each available in four sizes perfect for traditional scrapbooking and Project Life pages (PDF+PNG)—a total of 24 cards to download
  • 5 colorful, lined journaling cards available in four sizes that are great for traditional scrapbooking and Project Life pages (PDF + PNG)—a total of 20 cards to download
  • Questions to help you share stories about Who, What, When, Where, and Why in all areas of your life
  • Weekly welcome videos and four layout examples each week to help you:
    • Scrapbook a complete 10-question quiz (sketches included!)
    • Answer one quiz question in story form
    • Answer one question in list form
    • Follow a "story spark" inspired by one or more questions
  • Layout sketches to help you scrapbook a complete 10-question quiz each week
  • A Project Life page example every week from contributor and Project Life design-team member Bobbi-Jo Grunewald
  • Pre-classroom available immediately upon registration (with bonus quizzes you can use right away!)
  • Reminder emails when the classroom is updated with new materials
  • Private posting gallery to share your work and view the work of your classmates
  • Message board to share your thoughts with your classmates and ask Angie questions
  • Email access to Angie

A Guided Workshop is an online, interactive eCourse that is taught in real time by one or more expert instructors. Guided Workshops have a specific start and end date, with a limited registration period.

Content is delivered via a combination of video tutorials, written lessons, project examples, downloadable handouts, printables, digital downloads, and more. You are invited to log into the private online classroom as often as you wish during the live class.

Please note: This workshop will be transferring to our new site, so you can continue to access the content online even after the transition. We will send you a unique code for this class once the new platform is live. You will then enter this code into the new site and PRESTO, your class content will be archived there. You are also welcome to download and keep anything you wish. 

During class, you'll enjoy direct access to the instructor both via email and via the classroom message board, as well as a real sense of community and camaraderie with hundreds or thousands of fellow eLearners.

There are opportunities to connect with fellow students via the classroom message board, the private gallery, and scheduled chats (depending on the class).

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