Notice Anything New Around Here?

by bpc | 9 years ago

Welcome to the New Bigpictureclasses.com!

If you've seen us walking around with dark circles under our eyes, this little baby is why. And we are not using the word "baby" casually. We do feel like we've just given birth! But really, it is thrilling to see our hard work and our vision come to life with this new website.

On top of the beautiful new look, we're also excited to be more mobile friendly!

To make it easier to connect with each other in lots of different ways!

To have a brand-new blog that is easier to find and enjoy!

We realize it may take a little time to get used to where everything is. So we invite you to watch Stacy's two orientation videos to see if they answer most of your questions. If you have other comments or thoughts to share, you can comment on this blog post or send an email to support@bigpictureclasses.com. 

In fact, you may notice that there are lots of new places for you to share your thoughts—about our classes, eBooks, blog posts, and more. We're now using Disqus, which is a common conversation platform that's also used by paperclipping.com (where a good portion of the Two Peas in a Bucket audience has landed).

Here's an example of the "Comments" section at the bottom of a Guided Workshop registration page. (This one is for Quizapalooza.)

Note that Disqus requires a separate login from the one you use to register for classes at bigpictureclasses.com—or you can log in with your Facebook credentials if you choose! This can be very beneficial, as it makes it easy for you to keep track of comments and responses on any site that's also powered by Disqus. Just try it! You'll catch the vision pretty quickly as soon as you start using it. 

One favorite feature? You can click the Big Picture Classes tab (next to the Comments tab) to see the top commenters, find users to follow, and easily spot the top conversations happening on our site.

Is a little surprising that the Top Commenters and Top Discussions only have one comment? Keep in mind that our website was only about 6 hours old at the time of this posting. 

We look forward to LOTS of conversations happening with our worldwide audience, starting now. Please, join the discussion!


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